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Some states in the U.S. – South Dakota, Delaware, Ohio, Nevada, among others – allow for a “directed trust,” where the person performing the trust’s administration takes direction from the person overseeing the investments and the person handling distributions.  In a directed trust arrangement, a Trust Advisor gives direction to the person performing the administration. 

At Family Enterprise Office, for people who want a directed trust, we offer two types of Trust Advisor roles:

Distribution Trust Advisor, and

Unique Asset Trust Advisor. 

Each role is a fiduciary, meaning we agree to take legal responsibility to act in the best interest of your beneficiaries. Here’s a quick sample of what each role can do for you:

Distribution Trust Advisor

Oversee all distributions of income and principal.  Direct the administrative trustee about when to make distributions.
Decide whether a discretionary, non-automatic distribution is allowed or advisable under the trust agreement.
Exercise powers of appointment to re-direct money from one beneficiary to another.
Oversee notifying beneficiaries about the existence of the trust and how it works.

unique asset Trust Advisor

Direct the administrative trustee about unique, non-publicly traded trust assets, such as an ownership stake in a family company, real estate, insurance, farm property, loans and notes, and collectibles.

Oversee valuations of unique, non-publicly traded trust assets.

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