The Self-Governing Beneficiary ™ Program


When trusts run into problems, often it’s because the trustee-beneficiary relationship does not work. Something has gone wrong between the trustee and the beneficiary. 

Maybe the beneficiary doesn’t understand the trust agreement. 
Maybe the beneficiary wonders how his or her life stacks up, compared to the money in the trust. 
Maybe one beneficiary feels the trustee unfairly favors another beneficiary. 
Maybe the beneficiary doesn’t understand the constraints on the trustee.

Whatever the reason behind the problems, we’re here to help. 

We use our unique process to provide improvement of the relationship from beginning to end. The ultimate goal is for each beneficiary to become a Self-Governing Beneficiary™ – an informed, mature, self-possessed person who, if he or she owned the trust assets outright, would be capable of handling them with the right help.

Is this a tall order?  Maybe.  But we think your family is worth it.


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