Our Trust Advisor Advantage


Why should you hire us to be your Trust Advisor? Count the reasons.

You have choices, you keep control, and you can concentrate your holdings

You choose. You decide how your trust works, who the beneficiaries are, what the purpose of the trust is, and how long you want the trust to last.
You get an alternative just right for you. You’re assured of the right professional for each job – administering the trust, investing the trust assets, and distributing money from the trust.
If your trust owns a business, your business keeps running the way you want.
If your holdings are concentrated in a private company, they can stay that way.  The trustee isn’t required to sell them just for the sake of diversification.

You keep your financial advisor.

We are not in the money management business. We’re not after your financial advisor’s job. We do not manage portfolios of publicly-traded securities. We focus solely on the ownership of unique assets, such as private business interests. You get to use the financial advisor and money managers that best suit your needs. The same investment professionals who have helped you get where you are, stay with you.

Your beneficiaries now have a teacher and a mentor when it comes to distributions.

Making discretionary, non-automatic distributions from a trust requires thought and skill. Does the trust agreement allow the distribution? Is the distribution a good idea for this particular beneficiary? Will the distribution help the beneficiary and not hurt? What if the beneficiary doesn’t get along with the trustee? And what about the rights of other beneficiaries?
We educate each beneficiary about the trust. We help them understand what a trust is, how the money comes out, and the legal constraints a trustee must deal with.
Our goal is to help each of your beneficiaries become a Self-Governing Beneficiary Program ™ 

You keep valuable assets out of your taxable estate.

If you have an irrevocable trust, you want to make sure at your death your trust assets are determined not to be in your taxable estate.
Naming an independent professional as Distribution Trust Advisor, rather than a family member, is a more reliable way to make sure this happens.

You have peace of mind – there is a successor.

If your primary Distribution Trust Advisor or Unique Asset Trust Advisor is unable to serve, we are ready to step in and help your beneficiaries as you intended.

You can rely on us.

No matter where you live - in the U.S. or abroad - if you want a professional Distribution Trust Advisor or Unique Asset Trust Advisor, we can help you.
We are fiduciaries who put your interests ahead of our own. That’s why we exist.  And we’re not going anywhere.

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