A unique process for your family enterprise

We are a unique process firm that uses an established, step-by-step process to deliver customized outcomes. Our process can be broken down and handled in components, for families who do not wish to undertake all of it at once, whether due to logistical constraints or other reasons.

We offer two types of services – advisory and implementation. The advisory services cover the whole spectrum of our consulting process, from beginning to end, such as creating a family council, developing a succession plan, or building a board of directors.  Typically these are on a per-project basis. When the client’s situation reaches the end of our consulting process, some families may wish to use our implementation services. During implementation, we work with the family’s other advisors to make sure the plan the family wants actually is put into place and used. 

Either way you, the client, decide how much you want to see of us. We’re there when you need us – and not there when you don’t.

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