Keeping it in the family?


Your family business is the cornerstone. It provides jobs – for people in your family and your community. It may have operations outside the United States. Your business has probably been around for generations and may have grown because of the hard work of family and non-family alike. Your family business depends on effective decision-making – now more than ever. You need a decision-making structure that accounts for how your family already does things and how your family actually operates. 

We do not assume everyone in your family wants the same thing. We do not presume unity, and we don’t believe in forcing it. We do not assume your family will leave one single legacy. Nor do we assume you should sell – or keep - the business. Instead, we start with what is present – who is in the family, who owns the business, who the non-family employees are, and who the management is. We pay particular attention to owners – who they are, what they want, what they intend, and why.  We consider all these components to help you arrive at a decision-making structure and a succession path that fits your family. 

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